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How to Wash Your Lolita Dress

Compared with our daily wear, lolita outfits are more gorgeous and have more details such as some delicate lace design and accessories to decorate, so it is also more "effeminate" compared with ordinary clothes, which needs more attention when cleaning. There are some lolita dresses that are not resistant to any heavy washing, which may cause problems such as fading, dyeing and even deformation. Therefore, lolita girls, especially lolita newbies, needs to know some knowledge related to lolita dress washing and protection to prevent stepping on the pit.

Firstly, it is how to choose detergent. Be careful when choosing the detergent to wash lolita dress and have a common sense about the properties of some commonly used detergents. Improper selection of detergent is one of the important reasons to make dress fade or dye. Especially when washing those heavily colorful dress, if do not know whether it is able to bear washing, you must choose the gentlest detergent.

Generally, soap is the mildest detergent; The second is the washing liquid; and the last is washing powder. Ordinary machine washing liquid is very crude actually and had better not use that. Because soaps are made from renewable vegetable oils, they are less irritating to the skin and tend to be less prone to adding other bleaching ingredients. Thus it is also more fabric-friendly. However, washing liquid is often added with foaming agent, fluorescent brightener and so on. It is easy to make the dress fade and dye, and these additives are not good for the human body.

If the dress is easy to fade, please use a color master-batch when washing. Color master-batch can absorb water-soluble dye, and can prevent clothes from fading and dyeing, and help to keep the original color of the dress and also can remove sweat odor. When washing different color clothes, it is not also easy to dye. But it is better not to wash dark dress with the light one together, because the light one is really easy to dye. Don't take any risks.

The second is about the washing method. The choice of washing method is related with the fabric and craft of dress. For some special gilding dress, it must be washed lightly by hand. The gilding print is easy to fall off if washing heavily. For dresses without special craft such as gilding, flocking and etc. It can wash commonly by washing machine, and however it is best to turn the skirt upside down when washing in the machine and then put it in the laundry bag to prevent dress from fraying and damaging. For fabrics that are very "effeminate", hand washing is necessary and should be washed gently with cold water, soap or hand-washing detergent.


For dress made from chemical fiber fabrics, it can not be washed with hot water, because chemical fiber material is easily out of shape with hot water. It must be washed with cold water. For Cotton fabric dress, it is very easy to fluff, and so when washing it, please turn the dress upside down and put it into laundry bag. If don’t want hand washing, but worry about machine washing, you can send to the laundry. They can help you solve all problems.

Thirdly, please remember to remove the accessories on the dress before washing, and if some accessories can not be removed, please make sure they will not fall off before washing. When washing a dress, remember to remove the brooch on skirt, otherwise it is very easy to tear dress if wash by machine, and these small accessories is also easy to fall into the gap of washing machine to affect normal work.


The fourth is about drying. Keep your skirts out of direct sunlight and dry them in a cool airy way. For those fabrics that are easy to deform, you need pay more attention when drying. Especially when washing by hand, it is not easy to dry by hand, and the water fall down to easily cause dress drooping and out of shape, So roll up the dress with water-absorbing towel to suck part of water and then dry again.

Above are four points when wash lolita dress. It seems to be troublesome, but in fact, it is easy to do. Most of lolita dress are more durable. For some special dress, you need get advice from dress seller in order to avoid dress washing problem.

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