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  • US$ 66.99



    Nice quality, the fabric is quite heavy and holds up nicely. Would recommend getting rid of the lace, it looks very costumy. Color is a little different from pictures, its more muted in reality. Overall a nice dress.
    Service: Hi Dear,
    Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestion. We will consider to improve the lace. Vey glad you love the dress. Thanks!
  • US$ 71.99



    This is adorable! Definitely great quality for the price and has a ton of detail! The fabric holds well and even has a white layer of fabric inside that makes it extra comfortable! :D
    Service: Hi Dear,
    Thanks so much for your feedback. Also very glad you love the dress. We also will keep improving and provide more stylish outfits for you. Thanks!
  • US$ 10.99



    I'm so happy I found this headpiece!
    Service: Dear, We are also happy you love the headpiece.We will provide more and better items for you. Thanks so much for your feedback!
  • US$ 83.99



    This dress is so awsome! I love the detailing in the top part and the zipper so the dress can be styled in efferent ways is a cool idea.
    Service: Dear, very glad you love our dress! Also thanks for your feedback. We will provide more style dress and keep increasingly improving. Thanks!
  • US$ 71.99



    Really love the dress. The quality and customer service are really good: said by Alexandra .Merino who bought the dress form us and communicate with us on instagram. She looks very amazing! Very glad she love our dress.
  • US$ 73.99



    I’m in love with this dress! The quality is amazing! Also great customer service!
    Service: Dear,
    Thanks so much for feedback. Also very glad you love our dress. We will keep improving to provide top quality outfits and better customer service. Also really appreciate for your patience to wait! Thanks so much!
  • US$ 102.99



    I bought this lovely dress in its version II variant during last year, I can say with confidence that the dress looks exactly like in the pictures and there wasn't any problem with the measurements chart or any of the sort for me. I suggest everyone to buy it if you're interested.
    Service: Dear,
    Thanks for your feedback! Very glad you love the dress the most. Yes, we always focus on item quality and styles to serve you the best. We also will keep improving. Thanks!
  • US$ 7.99



    One of my dream dresses that I finally obtained! I had a hassle on another website & found this listing when searching for alternatives. I'm much more pleased with this website's handling of my order. I was immediately emailed the next day when the size I had ordered was out of stock, but as someone whose unreasonably tiny, I am very used to all my clothes being a size bigger so I was fine with upsizing to have this dress. (Do keep this note in mind when looking at the picture as it is technically not my size!) Came perfectly fine & with tags so there's no room for doubt that this is the actual dress! It is now forever mine n it's never leaving my possession <33
    Service: Dear,
    Thanks so much for your feedback!Also many thanks for your understanding that you would like to change bigger size when the size you ordered is out of stock. You looks pretty! We also keep improving and updating our stock status in time. Thanks!
  • US$ 109.99



    I bought the long black version of this dress and it's lovely! It's just like the pictures, but please be aware it does not come with the brooch on the front. Great quality and very good customer support though!
    Service: Dear,
    Yes, the dress now doesn't include the brooch in the front. When the dress is during pre-order, the brooch is inclued, but when it is in stock, the brooch is not included. So very sorry we don't describe it clearly. Also many thanks for your feedback. Yes, we always focus on item quality to serve our customers better. We also will keep improving. Thanks!
  • US$ 49.99



    This is my first Lolita dress and I love it. Very good quality and really cute. My family also loves it!
    Service: Dear,
    Thanks so much for your feedback. Also very glad you love our dress. We will keep improving better in the future to provide more high quality and cheap dress for all your lolita fans. Thanks!
  • US$ 49.99



    Very nice headdress.
    Service: Thanks you love it!
  • US$ 9.99



    Good petticoat, doesn't look much like the picture but it is good.
    Service: Dear,
    Still thanks for your feedback for our petticoat. We will try our best to take photos tha same as items. Thanks!
  • US$ 81.99



    beautifully made dress and top notch customer service! will definetly buy from here again.
    Service: Hi Dear,
    Thanks so much you love the dress. Yes, we tailor each dress carefully in our store, and hope to provide the best product and service for our customers. We also will keep increasingly improving! Thanks!
  • US$ 63.99



    The dress is beautiful and very well made. Through my own mistake in measuring myself, the dress did not fit, but the sellers have been very helpful in working with me to refund and return the items that did not fit. Very good customer service, I highly recommend this product!
    Service: Dear,
    Very sorry the dress can't fit you well, but also very glad you really love our dress. We will always keep improving to serve you better. Thanks!
  • US$ 39.99



    Very good quality shoes and quite comfortable.
    Service: Dear,
    Thanks so much you love our shoes! We also will keep increasingly improve. Thanks!
  • US$ 8.99



    Love the headbow!
    Service: Dear,
    Also thanks you love the headbow!
  • US$ 4.99



    Love the wig!
    Service: Dear,
    Thanks you love the wig and send us the feedback. Yes, we will keep increasingly improve to do better. Thanks!
  • US$ 65.99



    I got my FIRST Lolita dress here on this site and I LOVE IT!!! It is the age of steam jsk Super good quality and fast shipping would totally recommend.
    Service: Dear,
    Thanks so much you love the dress and feedback. We will keep providing better products and service for our customers. We also will keep increasingly improving.Very appreciated!
  • US$ 79.99



    I absolutely adore this dress! The small details are everything! The fabric isn’t brittle and is nice to touch! I would recommend a Large or an XL depending on your body type. Since I am quite tall the large was a lil tight with zipping it up along with the sleeves. I would also like to mention the customer service on this site is absolutely amazing! The staff are super polite and love helping if there is an issue! They always get back to you quickly too if there is a problem! ❤️
    Service: Dear, thanks for your feedback. Your words really encorage us to do better. We also keep improving us to provide better products and service. Thanks so much!
  • US$ 69.99



    Im happy with them 💝 thank you!
    Service: You looks so cute and pretty. Also thanks you love our shoes and your patience!
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