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Pre-order Lolita Items (329)

Pre-order lolita outfits are only available during the pre-order period, for example: some pre-order items are only available for shopping for 7 days (i.e. from April 1 to April 7). Once the pre-order is closed, the related items will be NOT available for shopping unless there're some remainders left when the pre-order items are ready for shipping. However, even through there're some remainders left, the sizes and colors of the items will NOT be full and the prices will be higher.

Pre-order items are NOT in stock to ship fast once you place the order, they need tailor process time before they are ready for shipping. Different items have different tailor process time. At each item's detailed page, there is a description about "Item Process Time" in the shipping column, please make sure to read it before placing order so that you can receive your order before your deadline. 

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