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LolitaKnot Sponsor Events for Global Lolita Coummnity

We are deeply passionate about the world of Lolita fashion and its unique blend of elegance, whimsy, and creativity. We are proud to announce that we are actively sponsoring various events and gatherings for global Lolita fashion enthusiasts. Our sponsorship covers a wide range of events, including fashion shows, meet-ups, workshops, and online challenges. By sponsoring these events, we aim to not only promote the visibility and appreciation of Lolita fashion globally, but also enhance our brand with the global Lolita community. Thus more lolita enthusiasts like to explore our store and indulge in femininity, creativity, and individuality of lolita fashion.

Benefits for Event Participants

1. Bulk Purchase Discount: The greater quantity purchased, and the more discount will be offered. 

2. Event Sponsorship: We are glad to sponsor some items for large-scale society events including Lolita petticoats, exquisite accessories, Lolita tights, blouse and etc to enhance your event and grant the joy of these free gifts to Lolita enthusiasts who participate.

Sponsored items mainly include lolita accessories like lolita blouse, petticoat, headdress, wigs and etc. Each sponsorship may feature one type of these items in bulk.

Lolitaknot will be responsible for all shipping fee for sponsored items. But if there is tax fee, very sorry you will be responsible for all the Custom tax fee. Generally, there is no tax fee, and we will try the best to help aovid any tax. 

We will assess each society and community's size to decide the sponsor funds

Please contact us at least 2 months before the event in order that we can prepare sponsored items, ship them and arrive at you in time.

Make sure the total amount of participants shoulbe be over 100.

3. LolitaKnot Coupons for Event Attendees: Those who get our sponsored items can tag us on social media to be rewarded with shopping coupons.

Benefits for LolitaKnot Sponsorship

1. Mention LolitaKnot in Your Society Events: mention lolitaknot in your society's event announcements or materials.

2. Tag Us on Social Media: Tag our accounts on your event's social media posts.

How to Collaborate

Step 1: Contact us via email: about the collaboration interest. Any details should be included below:

Society location (Country/Region)

Society size

Event date

Social media account details

Preferred collaboration type: bulk purchase or sponsorship

Step 2: We will check your social media account to ensure authenticity and assess your request, and then reply your email. For bulk purchases, we'll provide bulk discount details. For sponsorship, we'll specify the sponsored items and quantities.

Step 3: You confirm whether everything is OK with you.

Step 4: After confirmation, for bulk purchase, we will send you coupon discount code, and you can directly place an order with the coupon to get discount. For sponsorship, we will direclty process and ship these sponsored items to the address you provided.

Step5: After receiving the sponsored or purchased items, distribute them at event and tag our account on social media to tell participants can also tag us to get shopping coupons.

We are proud to partner with event organizers who are passionate about Lolita fashion and committed to creating inclusive and exciting experiences for all participants.

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